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Project: Springbrook Foods

Location: Blenheim, NZ

Products: GDS Commercial Roller Shutter Door and Rapid Rolling Door

Springbrook had a  Problem with the loading point inwards and outwards good doors, as were getting a hiding and weren’t coping with the frequent use and they also were losing temperatures and pressure when these doors were left open.
The existing doors were Hinged insulated double doors which would be opened and closed manually when they needed send in or take out goods.

Springbrook approached Glideaway and were after a automated rapid door which kept the opening closed when there was no traffic, but could handle the intensity of traffic at peak times, and wanted a secure opening after hours.

Glideaway offered the  solution of an external mounted roller shutter door with a rapid rolling door mounted internally to make the opening sealed from the weather yet secure the opening out of hours.

The GDS Roller Shutter Door was installed with a roll and motor hood to protect these from the weather elements.
The Rapid Rolling door included safety beams and a safety bottom edge to minimize human or product injury.

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