Products: Rapid Rise Doors

Project: Griffins Foods Company

Location: Wiri, Auckland New Zealand


Glideaway Supplied and Installed 5x Rapid Rise Doors for the New Storage Warehouse for Griffins Foods In Wiri.
Griffins approached Glideaway requesting the Rapid Rise Doors Piggy Back-mounted to the Roller Shutter Doors.

The Product used is the Glideaway Rapid Rise Door which comes standard with a Self-repairing function. When the door curtain is knocked out of the guides, the curtain reinserts itself back into the guide rail for the next cycle.

The Rapid Rise Doors were chosen by Griffins to:

A – provide a consistent temperature inside the storage facility;

B – provide protection from Vermons and pests;

C – have a high speed and high cycle operation for predominantly forklift traffic.

These doors work with with a floor loop detection as well as remotes and automatic time closer, to ensure reliable and timely door opening and closing cycles.

The main challenge with this project was mounting the Rapid Doors behind the  Roller Shutter Doors. We had to trim the Rapid Door guide down so the headbox could fit just below the Roller Shutter Door barrel, since the Roller Shutters did not allow for the rapid door.
Thus the door height was unfortunately reduced by approximately 600mm.

Typically with this type of install, the Roller Shutter Doors extend past the opening height by at least 700mm to allow for the Rapid Door Head to site clear of the opening.

The Rapid Doors are a great choice for any storage facility, logistics centres, food and meat processing plants and many other applications.

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