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SmokeSafe Curtains

The CE marked Smokesafe system is a smoke curtain without side guides and provides up to 120 minutes of smoke and heat protection. It is the most discreet automatic curtain available; designed to be installed in commercial properties, such as shopping centers and airports, and positioned to push smoke to a ventilation system.

No side guides required to be affixed to the wall
Protect areas up to 30 meters wide
To be used in conjunction with a smoke extraction system
Unobtrusive, lightweight and easy to install
Excellent solution to protect large expanses where no side guides can be fitted

More details

Fire officers and building controls accept smoke curtains without the side guides; however the Smokesafe system is usually used in conjunction with a smoke extraction system. Smoke Curtains are automatically deployed and create a barrier against the spread of smoke and heat when a fire is detected.

Smoke Curtains are mainly utilized to create a barrier to limit and control smoke fumes spread either by creating a smoke compartment, or channeling the smoke through smoke extraction or ventilation systems.

Smokesafe curtains are the perfect solution when installed in commercial properties, such as shopping centers and airports, where a large expanse needs protecting without the need for supporting posts.

Offices, educational institutions and open atrium in hotels and leisure centers are where the Smokesafe system can also be suitably utilized.

The smoke curtains are installed without side guides as they are designed to allow a restricted amount of smoke to seep around the edges; there is the option for the smoke curtains to drop partially or fully to the floor.

Large openings up to 30 meters wide can be protected by overlapping a series of curtains and a steel rod at the bottom of the curtains keeps them in place.

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Click here for Specifications on the SmokeSafe Curtains.

(Manufactured by Firecurtains Ltd UK)


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