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Raised Panel Cedar Doors

Customised to suit your style.

Cedar Raised Panel Doors

The natural timber choice. Each cedar door features the look of quality craftsmanship and distinctive beauty of wood.
Cedar being a natural product, suitable protection and maintenance will be required. A wide range of window styles can be incorporated into your choice of timber door.

As with the styles of cedar door available there are practically unlimited finishing options. It is usually the painters responsibility to finish the timber work to ensure it matches with other products or doors on the home.
Glideaway supplies doors natural finish or with an initial transport seal coat unless the customer requires a finished coating.
There is a wide range of finishes designed for cedar and timber coating and it is recommended to seek professional advice from coating and paint specialists and suppliers to ensure you use the correct product for your application.
All hardware for the door can be powdercoated or even Timber Tec coated to give it the desired appearance.
Because of the door being made of natural materials it is important to make sure the door is maintained and cleaned appropriately. All care and maintenance instructions are included with each door when sold.
For timber doors, we recommend frequent staining and oiling to preserve their natural finish.

Window Options
Glideaway offer a range of window designs to provide light and enhance your garage doors appearance. ABS insert windows with acrylic glazing or aluminium box section or timber framed windows, glazed in a choice of glass and finishes to compliment your home.

Insulation Options
Today the garage is an essential room and most common part of the house. As the garage becomes used for more purposes other than storing vehicles you need to consider the impact it will have on the heating of your home. Most commonly the garage has the largest single opening of your home therefore it is important to make sure this door is insulated to keep the cold out in winter and heat out during summer.
Glideaway offer an option of insulation for Cedar Doors

30mm Polystyene with plywood backing panels.

Fittings & Panels
All panels are joined with hinges at specific intervals across the back and then connected to rollers and onto the tracks. All hardware is galvanized but can be powdercoated finished to your colour choice.
Panels are manufactured to exact size requirements for each individual door opening


Safe as houses & made to last.

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