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Hormann Industrial Sectional Doors

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Industrial Sectional Doors

Info: Sectional doors open vertically and thus create more space in front of and behind the door. The door sections are parked flat underneath the ceiling, vertically above the opening or in line with the roof. Series 40 sectional doors, made of steel, steel/aluminium combination or aluminium, are set apart by the programmed range, top door design and certified security.

Suggested applications: Fire and Ambulance Stations, Industrial buildings. Loading docks.

Product Options:

SPU 42/ DPU- Double Skinned Steel sectional doors, thermal insulation
APU F42/ APU F42 Thermo- Glazed aluminium doors with steel bottom section
ALR F42/ ALR F42 Thermo- Glazed aluminium doors
APU F42 S-Line/ ALR F42 S-Line- Glazed aluminium doors with invisible section transitions
ALR F42 Glazing/ ALR F42 Vitrapan- Exclusively glazed aluminium doors
ALR F42- For onsite cladding, aluminium doors

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