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Glideaway Custom Sliding Doors

Product: Glideaway Custom Sliding Door Systems

Information: Custom designed sliding doors give you a wide range of options for your garage door situation.
Whether it be a one panel straight sliding door, a side bi-folding door or a round-the-corner sliding door, we have a sliding door system for you.
Option of steel or aluminium frames and powdercoated option to suit.
Cladding for the door panels is endless, whether it be cedar ship-lap boards or Corten steel, this is your freedom of choice.
High quality track hardware and fittings for each door system, make the door operation simple and durable.
Available as either manual or automated

Sliding Door Systems include: Straight sliding 1- 3 panels; Side bi-folding door; Round-the-corner sliding doors:

Steel or aluminium frames
Manufactured to the required dimensions, accurate to within a mm
External or internal mounting
Automated or manual option
Complete perimeter sealing
Range of panel finishes
Maximum height 3000mm
Maximum double door width 13 meters.

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