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GDS Roller Shutter Doors

Customised to suit your style.


GDS roller shutter doors are designed for a wide range of applications which include factories, warehouses, industrial buildings, large commercial openings etc. A GDS roller shutter door can be used in practically any situation.

Our doors are used primarily in industrial and commercial buildings. GDS Roller Shutters are custom built for each individual door opening. Shutters consist of a drum assembly mounted on a steel wall bracket. Curtains are made up from roll-formed individual interlocking steel slats which slide vertically within steel side guides. Operation is by hand, chain or electric motor.

Largest Roller Shutter Produced by Glideaway is 9meters High x 11meters Wide.
Larger sizes are possible.

Curtains are constructed from roll-formed galvanized steel interlocking slats with an effective width of 100mm. Material thickness is normally .95 with .75 used on smaller shutters. Nylon end clips are fitted to alternate slats to prevent lateral movement and provide smooth, quiet operation. This means that greasing of guides (excluding windlock guides) is not necessary.
A bottom rail of 40mm x 40mm MS duragalv is angle bolted to the bottom slat on the curtain. On wider doors 2 angles are welded back to back to provide extra strength. Neoprene weather seals are fitted where required.

The core of all our GDS Roller Doors is our custom fabricated mild steel tube drums with a minimum diameter of 150mm and a wall thickness sufficient to minimize deflection. Helically wound counter balance springs are contained within the drum.
The very top slat is then secured to the drum with high tensile bolts and wound on a special rig to guarantee a tight coil of slats on the drum.

Guides are made of galvanized roll-formed steel channels with a minimum depth of 50mm and fitted with formed top entry bell mouths. There are also options available for the depth of the tracks, these being 75mm to 100mm.
Windlock guides are used on wider openings to help prevent extra movement in the door. All of our doors come with brackets that are fabricated out of 10mm thick mild steel plate and angle. Plates are slotted to allow for shaft and chain/motor mounting.
All components are either made from galvanized steel or are coated in a metal primed coating to protect them from deterioration.

Doors can either have a manual geared chain hoist or have electric operation. Motorized doors are supplied with the Grifco® Maestro range of industrial door operators with the latest electronics that improve installations and operation methods. Operators are either 3 phase or single phase electric motors. All motors have an automated emergency chain mechanism and a fully enclosed gearbox with an inbuilt limit control system.
Motor size is supplied to match door size:

Motor .37kw suits up to about 28sqm
Motor .75kw suits 32sqm-36sqm
Motor 1.1kw suits 50sqm
Optional accessories include:

Photo electric safety beams
Ground loops for automatic opening
Logic controls
Radar activation
Swipe card activation

Manually operated doors are easily able to be converted to a motorized option at a later date if required.

The standard finish for all of our roller shutter doors is galvanized steel curtain and guides. All other components are metal primed.
Powder coating of curtain prior to assembly is an option and there are over 70 different colours to choose from.

This door range is part of the ‘TUFF-series’ door range. New Zealand’s ‘Tuffest’  Commercial door series.

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