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GDS Bi-Folding Industrial Door

Customised to suit your style.

Glideaway Bi-folding Industrial Doors

Bi-fold doors are used in many projects including special industrial applications where high strength and maximum access is desired. The wide range of glazing and cladding options allow designers and architects scope for creativity. The door operation is made smooth and easy via a counter-balanced weight system and hand or electronic operation are both available. Glideaway uses worldwide expertise, design and specifications to custom build doors to meet each individual requirement.

Specifications / Options:
With the GDS Bi-Folding door we have 2 construction types.
1- Steel outer frame with HST purlins (Maximum width of 14 meters wide)
2- Steel welded frame and truss system (Recommended for doors over 14 meters wide)

Any size from 3m High x 3m Wide –  9 m High x 25m Wide ( larger sizes are available)

Glideaway offer a full Deign and Build package for this door system

Some key Projects we have been involved in with this Product are:
Mainfreight Terminals in – Christchurch, Invercargill, Palmerston North and Hamilton.
Sounds Ship Wright – Havelock
Foodstuffs Distribution – Palmerston North
Life Flight Trust Hanger – Wellington Airport

And many other projects.

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This door range is part of the ‘TUFF-series’ door range. New Zealand’s ‘Tuffest’  Commercial door series.


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