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European Sectional Doors

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Breda Sectional Doors
Have you ever imagined a sectional door in your home? Breda sectional door is pleasing to the eye and very easy to use. The special tracked sliding system takes up a minimum of about 100mm side space, due to the door folding away along the garage ceiling. it is not a problem if your garage ceiling is straight of angled, as Breda offers solutions for all types of structures. The advantages are that there is more side space inside your garage and that the door can be opened without having to stop you car at least 500mm from the door, as instead happens with tilting garage doors.

Domus Line:
Safe, practical and pleasing to the eye. Domus Line materials, colours and fittings create a fine mix together with the highly technological finish, which always characterizes the quality of Breda’s sectional doors. The great versatility of this line can enrich any architectural design with beauty, style and originality.

Wood Line:
The Wood Line represents the glamour of wood, refined and durable according to your needs and tastes, giving your home a personal and unmistakable style. Aesthetic research, functionality and perfection of materials merge in Wood Line creating emotional and impressive performance.

Pegaso Line:
Pegaso Line impresses with its beauty, technology and practicality. The Aluminium frame is light and durable. The exclusive Breda safety and sliding systems and its possibilities for customisation make Pegaso perfect for every environment. With the Pegaso Line beauty becomes myth…

Alu Line – Lux:
When Natural light is an essential component of your space, Breda has designed your exclusive, good looking solution.
Lux is the sectional door that guarantees the best passage for light or air depending on your needs.

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