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Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock shelters and dock seals protect loaded goods from adverse weather conditions and also save energy costs by minimising heat loss. In addition to this, they prevent draughts that could result in worker absences due to illness. When combined with a dock leveller, dock shelters and seals mean that complex canopies and ramp assemblies are not required.
Flap shelters fit all truck sizes and can thus be used universally. High quality top and side flaps, mounted on a galvanised, compressible frame, result in a stable and tear resistant construction. Flaps and frame parts are manufactures as easy-to-assemble individual inexpensive. Inflatable dock seals and cushion dock seals for special applications complete the comprehensive package.

Product Options:
– Dock Shelters – PVC material over steel frame structure, fixed to building structure, either on ground or raised.
– Inflatable dock seals – PVC inflatable seals, cushions blow up when track body is in place, Creates a nice seal around the box body to minimise heat loss.
– Extendable dock tunnels – PVC material over steel frame. extendable frame system with rolling wheels. The perfect choice for container unloading.
– Dock cushions – High density foam cushions with PVC covers. ideal for economical dock loading solution’s.

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