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The elector-hydraulic dock levellers allow the forklift to load and unload by lifting itself directly on the platform of the vehicle, optimising work time. Easy to install and equipped with advanced safety and operating mechanisms, hydraulic dock levellers are available in various types to meet the needs of the customer:

Manual edge dock leveller

  • Edge-of-Dock Leveller is developed for mounting on the outside edge of the dock platform, great for a retrofit where there hasn't been a dock leveller prior. Manually operated making it easy for any person to use. Capacity of up to 6000kgs.
Manual Edge Dock Leveller.

Telescopic lip dock leveller

  • Telescopic Lip Dock Levellers are perfect for joining trucks unable to drive close to dock i.e. sea containers, side loading railway wagons etc. These types can be provided with a lip covering up to 1 m.
Telescopic Lip Dock Leveller.

Hinged lip dock leveller

  • Hydraulic Dock Levellers are designed to provide superior product value through prolonged, trouble-free performance. Convenient push button activation and proven hydraulic technology increase the efficiency and safety of the loading/unloading process. Capacity up to 9000kgs. Available in a range of sizes and set ups with prefabricated pit options.
Hinged Lip Hydraulic Dock Leveller.

Vertical hydraulic dock leveller.

  • Vertical storing hydraulic dock leveller is designed and built for use in facilities where cleanliness and temperature conditions are maintained and controlled at a high level. Convenient push button activation and proven hydraulic technology increase the efficiency and safety of the loading/ unloading process.  The vertical storing hydraulic dock leveller provides superior performance while allowing easy cleaning of the loading dock area.
Hydraulic Vertical Storing Dock Leveller.

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