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TUDOR – Raised Panel

This wide pressing in attractive wood grain coloursteel or embossed aluminium will compliment any home

Features Include

     Aluminium Tudor sectional doors

Attractive stucco embossed material for aluminium panels. This option is recommended for coastal and high corrosion areas.
Powdercoated in a wide choice of colours
Lightweight, long lasting design right at home in humid salty air
Extra bracing adds strength and durability to the door
Hardware, tracks and hinges can be powdercoated to give extra protection
Glideaway gives a 10 year warranty on powdercoated aluminium doors. The warranty covers powdercoated panels only providing doors have been    maintained in accordance with the instructions provided with every door. Hardware is covered by our standard 2 year warranty.

Steel Tudor sectional doors.

The steel panels are constructed using zincalume or coloursteel material. Each section is rollformed to the exact sixe required and the raised panel pressings are evenly spaced to match the panel width.
The steel panels have a standard 2 year warranty

The finish of your garage door is important as often the door is a major part of the front elevation of your home. At Glideaway we offer you the most extensive range of material and colour finishes avaiable in the New Zealand market.

Complete list of material options available:

Coloursteel® colour chart
Powdercoat colour chart
Special spray finishes

Glideaway offers an extensive range to ensure your garage door meets your requirements.

Window Options
Glideaway offer a range of window designs to provide light and enhance your garage doors appearance. ABS insert windows with acrylic glazing or aluminium box section, frame windows glazed in a choice of glass and finishes to compliment your home. Any design option is a possiblity to ensure your new garage door compliments your home.

Insulation Options
Today the garage is an essential room and most common part of the house. As the garage becomes used for more purposes other than storing vehicles you need to consider the impact it will have on the heating of your home. Most commonly the garage has the largest single opening of your home therefore it is important to make sure this door is insulated to keep the cold out in winter and heat out during summer.
Glideaway offer two options of insulation on Steel & Aluminium doors:

40mm Polystyene with Coreflute backing
50mm Polyurethane, Coreflute and Zincalume backing sheet
50mm Novahush Insulpro Insulation

Fittings & Panels
All panels are joined with hinges at specific intervals across the back and then connected to rollers and onto the tracks. All hardware is galvanised but can be powdercoat finished to your colour choice
Panels are manufactured to exact size requirements for each individual door opening to ensure  a perfect fit.
Glideaway has the flexibility to manufacture to any size for any application.


Safe as houses & made to last.

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