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Spacelite HT Fiberglass Stacking Doors

The stacking door SPACELITE HT was developed especially for specific demands in industrial buildings and workshops.
Since then thousands of doors have endured the test of time in practical use. Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel. Lighting fixtures, lifting platforms and other fittings on the ceiling are not impaired.
The door panels are made of fiberglass – due to the translucence of up to 78 percent bright and light-flooded working areas are created behind the door, reducing the daytime lighting expenses and enabling pleasant working environments. Due to the special twin-walled design of the fiberglass elements, excellent thermal insulation is achieved.
Glazed aluminium extruded panel sections are also available with the Spacelite Stacking system, single or double glazed options.

A complete seal of the door systems prevents unnecessary energy loss and draught in the building, which subsequently leads to substantial savings for the cost of energy.
We have deliberately refrained from using hinges, ropes and springs which are prone to interference in operations – therefore minimizing the service costs and preventing subsequent extra costs.
The door is perfectly suited for renovation tasks, due its self-supporting construction requiring minimal space and its adaptability to local situations.

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References from projects undertaken by Butzbach

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