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Butzbach offers a reliable solution for quick and safe through-traffic with the lateral opening principle of its high-speed door NOVOSPRINT. Opening time is twice as fast due to the lateral opening of the door halves and in contrast to vertically opening doors, the complete opening height is immediately accessible for the user.
Opening speeds of up to 5 Meters/ Second.
Thus quick and safe passage of goods is enabled without the risk of collision or the door coming into contact with persons or materials – interference-free traffic and material flow without interruption of work or expensive door repairs are guaranteed.
Short opening and closing cycles reduce heat exchange and dangerous draughts in the door area, thus reducing energy costs and the frequency of illness. The air cushion between the twin-skinned door leaves provides excellent thermal and sound insulation – even if one door skin is damaged, the door remains sealed and operative. In case of power failure the door can be opened quickly by means of emergency operation. Automatic opening and escape route approval are optional.

Novosprint Models:

  • MONO
  • Sychro
  • Sychro L / XL
  • DUO
  • Ecosprint


Safe as houses & made to last.

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