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Butzbach HTU Sectional Door

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Spacelite HTU Fiberglass Sectional Doors

The sectional door SPACELITE HTU is particularly suitable for constructions with low lintel, since the standard version merely requires a lintel height of 300 mm. The sectional door combines the opening mechanism of a sectional door with the product and material-related advantages of the Butzbach- HT stacking door. The door panels made of translucent fiberglass are connected to each other hinge-free.
The sectional door SPACELITE HTU is a hinge-free door system. Protruding hinges are deliberately avoided in order to reduce the risk of injury and the maintenance load. The construction is deliberately without components like hinges, torsion springs, steel ropes and spiral cables that are susceptible to fault and maintenance intensive thus reducing the risk of injury and the maintenance load.
The sectional door can be equipped with a pass door in the same design. The threshold is required to be only ca. 25 mm, reducing the risk of stumbling.
Numerous design options including: colour coated aluminium profiles and fiberglass incorporating images, enable us to provide the sectional door that you require. Three fiberglass colour options: ‘Emerald-green’, ‘Sapphire-blue’ and ‘Brilliant’ increase the diversity of utilization.

Spacelite HTU with Pass Door
Spacelite HTU Security
Spacelite HTU-S Sprint
Spacelite HTU-S Storm
Spacelite HTU Car wash

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