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Breda Tilt (Up-And-Over Doors)

Embrasures and upper counter frames are made with same sheet of the door in order to have the best aesthetic continuity, with a wide range of colours, which includes five wood-like paints. All the accessories for the sectional door are available, firstly the built in lock and also ventilation grilles or inspection windows.
Breda, the quality as ever which gives a unique and unmistakable style to all products. The innovative mixed system which upsets the World of up & over Garage Doors. Basculino, the only up & over Garage Door which deserves to be Breda Basculino, the different up & over Door!

All the BREDA quality and design now in a new and revolutionary “up and over” door. Build everything according to your lifestyle and taste! Swing provides functionality, safety and aesthetics. Release your creativity, thanks to many customization possibilities.
You can choose between pre-painted steel panels, stucco, woodgrain or smooth finish. In regards to colours, there are standard ones or optional RAL’s , whilst – for those who want to point to a timeless elegance – there are beautiful Wood-like “Perfect Touch” patterns. And that’s not all, you can choose from all our external drawings versions: flat, single, multi or boxed (Georgian Style).
Jambs and upper stationary panels have the same finish as door and give a valuable aesthetic continuity. For safety, on the other hand, BREDA has decided to provide all doors with cable breakage safety devices.

Making a choice has never been so easy and convenient. And now, fully enjoy the new Swing.


Safe as houses & made to last.

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