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Breda Industrial Sectional Doors

Customised to suit your style.

Breda Industrial Sectional Doors

Steel Line:
You can always count on a reliable, safe, solid partner. A partner which can understand and interpret all work related problems and therefore give effective answers for every commercial and industrial situation. This is Steel Line from Breda, the sectional door designed to meet the whole range of work needs.

3 types of Steel Line Industrial Doors:

Secura-  Designed to adapt itself to every industrial situation and work need, Secura had all the qualities only a Breda Sectional Shutter Door is able to offer, namely: Safety, reliability, advanced technology and personalisation.
The range of possibilities offered by Breda products such as inserted pedestrian doors and windows, always ensure practical and functional results.

Dock- Useful and practical but there is more than that. Dock is the sectional Shutter Door matching to function.
Available in all sliding systems and also with a range of versions with windows or with an inserted pedestrian door, depending on specific needs. Dock always shows what efficiency at work means.

Cargo- Resistant due to its steel construction, practical and safe due to Breda. Cargo is the Sectional Shutter Door designed especially to meet the needs of modern distribution companies.
Reliable in every situation, even the most extreme, it is equipped with Breda’s exclusive anti-fall and anti-crushing systems, making it absolutely safe during use. Its range of options is designed to make work even more practical.

Alu Line Industrial sectional Doors:
Light, durable and safe, due to one material: Aluminium. Alu Line is the aluminium door with transparent sections and pedestrian openings. Alu Line offers many ways to customize your door to the needs of your activity.

3 types of Alu Line Industrial Doors

Luxor- in Luxor, everything speaks about lightness and practicality. Aluminium and transparent parts, made of acrylic material, combine to create a door with both exceptional durability and lightness.
Luxor guarantees safety, practicality and versatility as well as a great look.

Lux- When natural light is an essential component of your space, Breda has designed your exclusive, good looking solution.
Lux is the sectional door that guarantees the best passage for light or air depending on your needs.

Full Vision- The perfect combination between safety and light.  Aluminium lets wider space to the transparent, acrylic glass elements, in order to achieve an absolute, precious esthetical outcome. The lighter sectional door, but safe and strong like all Breda products. Functional, versatile and much more BRIGHT.


Safe as houses & made to last.

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