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Breda Bookline Folding / Sliding Doors

Customised to suit your style.

Breda Bookline Doors. Ideal for large openings.
Bookline models have one major advantage, which is their perfect adaptability to different environments and easy installation. High technology and a wide range of available accessories helps you find the best answer for every need.

The 3 Bookline models are: Adone, Apollo and Atlante.

Versatile, innovative and pleasing to the eye, Adone is the folding door with a new conception, i.e. a frame without a floor guiding track, offering the maximum possible adaptability due to its easy installation.
Designed by Breda for the whole gamut of site applications, it can use a vast range of mountings, due to the wide choice of support brackets which can be used together. When not using an architrave, a non-conducting upper frame can be installed to mount it to the ceiling, with the same finishing as the door.
Adone allows for the maximum use of your space with its 180 Degree door fold, by changing just a single bracket.

A classic reinvented by Breda. Apollo is the folding door with a floor guiding track. Comes already motorised with curve guide track or set up to take a motor. It is suitable for all commercial applications.
With its great versatility and reliability, Apollo can reach up to 33 metres in width and 7 metres in height. With a dedicated design project, Apollo can reach more than 10 meters in height, with door panels of 82 mm.
The top guide track can be mounted in the shutter door opening or above it. The panels with their ability to fold at right angles and the accessories further enrich the capacity of Apollo to meet any need.

For large openings, are needed large closings! This is the introduction of Atlante, the sliding door by Breda. Atlante has a perfect adaptability to all the different architectonic contests and an easily installation, joins the models from Book Line, inheriting panels and other components, but with a new typology of sliding opening.
Atlante, the sliding door Breda, in the version with double overlapped opposite folding arrangement, can reach almost 30 meters wide!

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