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Alulux Vertico Side Sliding Round the Corner Garage Door

Vertico is the adaptable aluminium garage door with ultimate flexibility of use. It adjusts to virtually any structural conditions and even copes with very large garages with a double-door design. As a single lateral-running door, it only takes up one garage wall. The garage ceiling and the other walls are left free. The two programmable openings (door and gate effect) allow you to open your garage door only halfway if you wish, for example, by radio control.

   – durable solid- aluminium garage door
– no swinging outwards, more space in front of the garage
–  manufactured to the required dimensions, accurate to within a millimeter
– door curtain with individual slats
– vertical profile arrangement for high surface stability
– only 5 cm of space required in the lintel area
– opening width of up to 550 cm for a single door
– extra-large opening width of up to 11 m for a double door
– lateral turning radius of just 13 cm
– Style variants: 75° and 105°
– 12 standard colours and 36 Renolit special colours

Standard features
– radio-remote control
– obstacle-detection sensors
– motor with anti-opening lock
– silent-running system (LLS)
– two programmable opening widths (door and gate effect)
– integrated internal garage lighting
– soft-closing for silent, gentle running of the door
– bottom slat with 22-mm tubular gasket

Estimate pricing for the ALULUX Vertico Side Sliding Doors: 

  • Single door installed (up to 4.0m wide) $12000 - 18000 + GST (NZD) 
  • Double door installed (up to 5.5m wide) $2000 - 32000 + GST (NZD) 

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