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Alulux Resident Roller Door

Resident is the ultimate space-saver of garage doors. The aluminium roller door leaves the walls and ceiling of your garage free, ensuring maximum space gain. When it opens, the door curtain is parked in the enclosed aluminium box – protected from dirt, dust and damage. The premium garage door provides you with extensive options to customize the features in it.


durable solid-aluminium garage door
no swinging outwards, more space in front of the garage
manufactured to the required dimensions, accurate to within a millimeter
door curtain with individual slats
at least 25 cm of space required in the lintel area
opening width of up to 540 cm
12 standard colours and 36 Renolit special colours

Standard features

Motorised operation
enclosed aluminium shutter housing
anti-drop device
bottom slat with 22-mm tubular gasket

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