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Glideaway have a great network of door suppliers from around the Globe who Only focus on producing World Class products.



Hormann are a manufacturer of a wide range door systems for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.



SWS UK is a leading manufacturer of fire protection and physical barrier products including garage doors, industrial doors, retractable security gates and window bars.

Rolflex Compact Doors


Rolflex doors manufacture a compact folding door. A new generation of industrial door suitable for almost any application. Wide range of door styles and finishes available.

Breda Door Systems


Breda is a major manufacture of Residential & Commercial door systems. Based in Europe, they offer a great range of products with quality and experience.

TNR Doors


TNR Doors Manufacture and supply a wide range of specialist Rubber Rapid Rolling Doors for Heavy Duty industries such as mining, shipping yards, mills etc.
We are proud to be able to supply and install the TNR products throughout New Zealand.

Butzbach Doors


Butzbach Offer an excellent range of door systems for industrial and commercial applications. There Unique world class stacking door system is the 'The Best In The World' According to Butzbach Management. Glideaway have an excellent relationship with Butzbach, being there 1 and only agent for New Zealand.