What is a Sectional Garage Door? All Your Questions Answered.

Sectional garage doors comprise several individual panels (or sections) connected by hinges. They are popular because of their sturdy structure and reliability. In this article, we look into the frequently asked questions on sectional garage doors. 


What Is A Sectional Garage Door? All Your Questions Answered

The garage door is probably the easiest way to break into your home. Well-chosen, it can protect your valuables and highlight the aesthetics of your facility. And if poorly chosen, it can be an eyesore.  

Sectional doors are remarkably one of the best–or maybe the best–garage doors in the market. Perhaps, people prefer them because of their sturdy structure, reliability, and flexibility. But that's not all. Sectional doors come in varying designs and can be coated in any colour. This makes it suitable for any type of architectural design. 

In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know before buying a sectional garage door for your home. Let's get right to it!

What are Sectional Garage Doors?

Sectional garage doors comprise more than three panels, where each panel is hinged to the next. These doors enable you to maximise space in and out of the garage. They can be single or double–fitted with insulating foam. 

You'll find sectional doors in all materials, including aluminium, iron, steel, or wood. What's more intriguing is that it fits into any garage space.

How Do They Work?

Sectional garage doors have about 4 - 8 horizontal panels (or sections) connected by hinges. Each panel moves vertically upwards into the guide rails mounted millimetres below the ceiling. 

The panels are about 50 mm thick, hinged together and attached to the inside tracks of the garage door frame. The hinges cause the doors to bend as it moves up.

There are cable drums on both ends of the tracks. When the door is opened, the cable winds around the drum, pulling the door up. The reverse happens when it is closed.

The torsion springs on the barrel support the weight of the doors to prevent them from falling out when in motion. So if you notice that the door speed is faster than normal, you may want to examine the springs.

Are Sectional Garage Doors Secure?

Absolutely! Sectional doors are secure, and most homeowners would rather invest in having one in their garage. Single and double sectional doors generally come with a locking mechanism, which prevents them from being jerked up or pushed open by intruders. The double sectional door is even stronger and provides more security.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sectional Garage Door

A Sectional garage door has several features that distinguish it from other garage doors. Here are the major advantages of sectional doors.

Helps To Save Space

A sectional door is the best way to go if space is minimal. It doesn't swing out like tilt doors. Instead,  it moves vertically up when opened and horizontally into the guide track installed in the garage headroom.

You can also include a pedestrian door (or wicket door)--a much more accessible way to your garage. 

Provides Insulation Against Heat

Usually, the garage is the largest room in your home. Therefore, keeping it insulated against weather elements is essential. An insulated garage door can help regulate the temperature in your garage and home. In addition, it absorbs noise, creating a quieter environment. 

The double garage door has an insulating foam between its panels. This forms a solid layer of insulation, which traps energy. Plus, sectional doors are sidelined with rubber seals, protecting your garage from rain, dust, debris, or dirt.

Although, sectional garage doors have different types. For instance, single sectional doors don’t contain insulating foam. If you want this installed, ensure you specify before making a purchase. 

But even without the insulated panels, the single sectional doors offer minimum insulation, as they are made with heat-resistant materials such as iron or steel. So if you experience heat frequently, you can opt for the single sectional garage door.

Easily Customisable

Your home reflects your personality. Your garage door is essential and should complement the rest of your home.

As highlighted above, sectional doors have a variety of designs, finishes and colours for you to choose from. The diversity makes it a perfect blend for any architectural decor.

Another exciting feature is that it fits perfectly in any garage opening. This is vital in case you want to change your current garage door. But consider hiring a professional garage door company that can install it correctly.

Highly Durable And Reliable

Durability is an essential factor to look out for when purchasing a garage door for your home. Sectional garage doors, especially the ones made from aluminium and steel, are highly durable. If properly maintained, they can last up to 30 years.

Best For Security

Your garage door serves as an entry point to your home. This is why you need to invest in a highly secure system to protect your valuables and family when you're in or out.

The sectional door panels are tightly hinged, and getting a finger between them is impossible. The top panel is secured by a mechanical lock, making it hard to push it in.

So if you stay in areas prone to intruders, you can be assured that your home is safe. But what happens when something gets underneath the door? It retracts without causing any damage.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Sectional Garage Door

Of course, sectional garage doors are not all fun and games. Some of the potential downsides that come with using them include:

Can Attract Dust

The bottom seal of the sectional garage door protects against weather elements. But dust particles may still find their way into the garage. If you're always out, it may be challenging to keep the garage clean.

May Be Quite Costly

Sectional doors have more hardware than other types of standard garage doors. When any fault arises, it will be more costly to replace. Hiring an expert repairer will attract extra costs. 

Keep in mind that sectional doors boost curb appeal and offer a great return on investment. Some real estate agents prefer buying homes with sectional garage doors.

Are Sectional Doors Manual?

Yes! Sectional doors are manual and can be operated without a remote. They can also be automated, which is a better option to exercise control over activities in your garage.

How Do You Install A Sectional Garage Door?

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Are Sectional Garage Doors Insulated?

Yes, sectional doors have fantastic insulating properties. Each panel is fitted with polystyrene or polyurethane foams 50mm thick.

For example, insulated sectional doors will be most beneficial if you live in areas where the temperature change is constant. Or, if you use your garage as an office or store, double sectional garage doors are a fantastic option to protect your property. 

Suppose you don't want a insulated door, no worries! Uninsulated sectional garage doors with steel or aluminium panels can also suffice as an insulator for your garage.

What Sizes Do Sectional Garage Doors Come In?

Sectional garage doors come in a variety of standard options. Most companies use metric measurements. However, you can contact your garage door provider if you want a custom design.

  • A single sectional garage door can be 2200mm in height and 2400mm in width.
  • The standard height for a double sectional garage door is 2200mm, while the width is 5000mm.
  • Maximum sectional garage doors can be up to 3400mm high and 6400mm wide.

How Much Does A Sectional Garage Door Cost?

The price of sectional garage doors varies, depending on the style or finish. This explains why the quotes differ on the internet. Quality sectional garage doors can be as low as $900.  Glideaway garage door provides an overview of the pricing (this list excludes installation fees or kits)

  • Single Colour Steel sectional door             $1500 - $3000
  • Double Colour Steel sectional door            $2500 – $5000
  • Single cedar clad sectional door                  $4000 – $8000
  • Double cedar clad sectional door                $8000 - $12000

Does The Sectional Garage Door Need Much Maintenance?

No, sectional garage doors manufactured with quality materials don't require much maintenance. But, just like any other mechanical product, you can clean it regularly to ensure optimal performance and maximise lifespan. 

We also recommend that you have an expert service your sectional garage doors every year. But here are a few DIY tips to help you get started.

Inspect The Door Travels

Since sectional garage doors operate by gliding in and out, you need to examine the speed to know if it's in good condition.

You can start by running it manually to check if it opens and closes smoothly. Typically, the door should go up or down with minimal effort. But If you notice anything strange, like a restriction in one of the tracks, contact your garage door provider immediately.

Lubricate the Hardware

Applying lubricants to the garage door parts isn't technical, and you can handle it yourself. Instead of grease or oils that can attract dirt, consider buying a silicon spray. This, however, should be done once in three months or twice in six months. You can use a damp cloth and methylated spirit for the guide tracks to remove dirt.

Clean The Door Seals Regularly

Most sectional garage door bottom seals are made of rubber. You need to check them to ensure they're free from debris constantly. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth. You should wipe the contact area too.

What Is The Best Sectional Garage Door?

Steel is popular because of its durability, reliability, flexibility and design. However, all sectional doors have their unique features. For instance, double sectional doors are ideal if the garage is used to store valuables. 

Uninsulated sectional doors are perfect for garages where thermal insulation isn't a priority. But consider contacting a professional to recommend the best sectional garage door for your home. 

What's next?

Finding quality sectional garage doors is quite a hassle, as many counterfeit products are on the internet. But with the above tips, you can easily decipher which is suitable for your home.

Glideaway sectional doors offer a wholesome solution to all your garage door needs. We provide bespoke garage doors made with high-quality materials. Contact us to get the sectional door made perfectly for your garage.