Product Feature: BUTZBACH HT Spacelite Stacking Door

BUTZBACH HT Spacelite Overhead Stacking Door, Brought to you from BUTZBACH. German Engineering + German sophistication = Brillance.

The BUTZBACH HT Spacelite Overhead Door.

Space-saving and efficient

Our SPACELITE stacking doors are space-saving and extremely wear-resistant. When opening each door element lines up vertically and compactly one behind the other.

Thanks to this mechanism, SPACELITE stacking doors are suitable for almost all installation situations - both in new buildings and for renovations.

With its innovative opening technology and door infill made of translucent fibreglass, Butzbach offers a unique optical and functional concept that meets your requirements.

Its trend-setting design and diverse equipment options make the SPACELITE door one of the most flexible industrial door systems in the world, which is also ideally suited for large-format doors.

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