Can My Garage Door Be Controlled From My Phone? (A Complete Guide)

From improved security to smart monitoring, you can control your garage doors from anywhere and anytime. Learn how to use your smartphone as a garage door opener. 

Can My Garage Door Be Controlled From My Phone?

Alt-Text: Can my garage door be controlled from my phone? 

Convenience is key to living an enjoyable life. Of course, this is true, as homeowners are embracing smart devices. While some do it to exercise control over their home, others appreciate the security that comes with it. Either way, smart devices are worth every penny. 

Just like other smart systems, you can control your garage door with a fickle of a button. Read on to learn how to turn your phone into a garage door opener. In this article, we also highlighted the top five smart garage door openers to ease your decision-making process. 

Can A Smartphone Be Used As A Garage Door Opener? 

Absolutely, you can use your smartphone as a garage door opener. If you already have a garage door opener, there’s no point in buying a new system. All you need to do is to retrofit it with a smart garage door opener. 

But if you don't have a garage door opener, you can consider buying a smart garage door system. With this, you can monitor your garage doors, so you’ll know when it is opened or closed. There are several garage door openers with varying features. Read on to know the best smart garage door opener.

How Do I Turn My Phone Into A Garage Door Opener? 

First, you need a smart garage door opener compatible with your current garage door system. Most smart garage door openers are compatible with android and iPhones. 

For Android Phones 

There are several products for android users. Usually, these options enable you to use Bluetooth or wifi to control your garage doors. This can be handy if there’s no internet coverage in your home. 

For iPhones

Compatibility with Siri or Alexa is the main thing people look for before purchasing a garage door opener for iPhone. Some models of iPhone may not work with the Bluetooth option, so it's vital to look out for other features that can replace this. 

The installation process of each product differs. But you can follow the steps below to turn your smartphone into a garage door opener. 

Step 1: Connect the smart device to your garage door opener

If you already have a garage door opener, it's vital to check if it is compatible with your smart opener. Simply connect the wires to the system (check label for directives) and plug it into an electric source. 

Step 2: Install The Device

This varies for products, but most garage door openers have a how-to installation video on their homepage. For instance, if you want to configure the Merlin MyQ garage opener, Go to google, and search for “How to install Merlin MyQ.” You’ll find a handful of videos to guide you through. 

Step 3: Download The App

Go on Google or Apple store to find the associated app for your smart garage door opener. Read the review to ensure you’re downloading the right app. 

Step 4: Configure the app

Once the preceding step is successful, check the manufacturer’s manual to configure the app. Simply, you can follow the instructions on the app and get your system running. If you can't find any information regarding this, simply check your browser for the configuration guide. 

How Does A Smartphone Garage Door Opener Work?

A smartphone garage door works by utilising the sensors or wifi on your garage door rails that transmit signals to a supporting app on your smartphone, allowing you to remotely monitor activities around your garage, including when it was last opened or shut. Smart garage door openers can come in two forms: 

  • Smart garage door opener system
  • Add-on accessories compatible with your motorised door opener 

Smart garage door opener systems provide an all-in-one solution to access your garage door. It comprises a belt rail and a garage door motor that will fit into your garage. You will need accessories such as a wall station and a transmitter to provide optimal performance. 

Usually, a smart garage door system comes with an associated app where you can remotely control your garage door. Depending on the product, it may also have additional benefits, such as providing an aerial view of your garage. In addition, some products allow you to integrate the system into your smart home.

Smart door opener add-on accessories, however, are customised to be compatible with the current motorised garage door opener in your home. This depends on the garage door motor you use. Finding the right smart add-on accessories can be a hassle. 

Most smart garage door add-on accessories include a sensor and controller for your garage. The sensor will be retrofitted to your garage door. It should be placed where it can easily send signals to the associated app. More information on this should be in the manufacturer's manual. 

The controller should be attached to your current garage door opener using two wires (one for the open and the other for the close command nodes.) It is vital to have a strong wifi network connection when using smart garage door add-on accessories. 

Why Should I Use A Garage Door Opener?

Smart garage door openers do not only help in controlling your garage door but also in improving security. Here's how. 

For improved security 

Knowing that you have controlled access to the activities around your garage gives you a sense of security. With a click of a button, you can open or shut your garage doors, turn off garage lights, and lots more. 

In addition, if you reside in areas prone to break-ins or love to be precautious, smart garage door openers can provide insights into the activities around your garage. 

Smart Monitoring

Imagine getting a notification when your garage door is open, fascinating, right? Smart garage door openers can help you monitor your garage door at a certain distance from your home. You can see and hear visitors when they come by. Some products have speaker and microphone connections. So if you have a  scheduled visit from the repair man or a friend, you can authorise who comes in. 

Can Be Handy In Emergencies 

Smartphone garage door openers help you stay in control when unforeseen scenarios happen. For instance, carbon monoxide can build up in a garage and can cause severe damage to the building. Some smart garage door openers have add-on accessories like smoke detectors, which send a notification when the carbon monoxide reaches a dangerous level. 

Best Smartphone Garage Door Openers 

There are several smartphone garage door openers with varying features. Here is a list of the top five, based on research and customer reviews. 

Best Overall: Merlin MyQ Automatic Door Openers 

Image Credit: Merlin MyQ

If you’re looking for a garage door opener with intuitive features, convenient and quiet, Merlin MyQ tops the list. It is suitable for residential and commercial doors. You don’t need to fret during a power outage because the models come with a backup battery that doesn't require electricity to operate.


  • Compatible with all garage doors
  • Can be controlled from anywhere
  • Has a great user interface and is easy to install 
  • Secure for multiple users
  • Works for various garage doors
  • Amazon key compatible


  • Weak wireless receiver
  • Some products may not be compatible with some android and iPhone firmware.

Best Convenient: Remootio Start Garage Door Opener

Image Credit: Remootio

Another powerful yet convenient smartphone garage door opener is the remootio smart garage door opener. It has advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption for authentication and 


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones 
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and Apple watch


  • No back-up batteries 
  • Compatible with certain garage door openers
  • May experience app glitches 

Best Budget: NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener 

Photo Credit: NEXX

If you are looking for an inexpensive smart garage door opener, NEXX fits perfectly. Despite its price, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits.


  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant
  • Allows the integration of multiple users
  • Has a simple user interface 


  • Not compatible with some garage door openers 
  • May be quite technical to set up

Best Smart: iSmartGate Lite Garage Door Opener

Image Credit: iSmartGate

One of the best smart garage door openers is the iSmartGate Lite which allows you to control your garage doors using voice controls. It's easy to understand and integrates with other smart home devices. 


  • Provides a history of your garage ins and out’s 
  • Easy to set-up
  • Automate opening and closing hours 
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, IFTTT and SmartHome
  • Allows you to connect an IP camera for video monitoring 


  • Cannot work for more than one garage door 

Best With Camera: Chamberlain MyQ Secureview Camera Garage Door Opener

Image Credit: Chamberlain

The Chamberlain MyQ is one of the top-rated and most preferred smartphone garage doors. Even though your garage door is from 1993 or newer, this smart device is compatible with major garage door openers. The best thing about this product is the integrated camera that allows you to see the activities in your garage through a live stream or recorded video. 


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most garage door openers
  • Works perfectly for iPhone and Andriod users 
  • Includes two remotes for backup


  • May not be possible to integrate it with your smart home ecosystem 
  • It doesn’t have a backup battery 
  • Subscription required for some features 

Can I Control Multiple Garage Doors With My Smartphone? 

Yes, you can use your smartphone to control multiple garage doors. While some products integrate this feature into the app, others may require individual garage door sensors.  Although, most people opt for products with all-in-one benefits. 

Will Smartphone Garage Door Openers Operate In Power Outages? 

Yes, some smart garage door openers have backup batteries in case of a power outage. Plus, you can rely on remote button controls to operate your garage doors when your phone batteries are flat. 

Are There Any Security Concerns With Smart Garage Door Openers? 

Smartphone garage door openers are safe. Some garage door openers use advanced encryption for high-level security. But these openers are connected to third-party networks, which is susceptible to cyberattack. You can set up two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your wifi-network.

What Should I Look For Before Buying A Smart Garage Door Opener?

Your Budget 

This is the first step to consider before purchasing a smart garage door opener. There are several models with varying features and integrations. You’ll definitely find one that fits your budget. We recommend using Merlin MyQ as it has holistic features for the best experience. 

The Type Of Drive

Another option to consider is the material used to make your garage door. Smart openers differ in costs, as well as how they lift doors. Standard doors require 0.5 Horsepower. If you have heavier doors, you may need 0.75-1 Horsepower. 

If you’re replacing an entire system or retrofitting the current one, look for a smart garage opener with an equal or higher power. You can simply check the rating of the garage door opener in your unit to know the right one to buy. 


Not all smart garage door openers can work with motorised garage door system. You need to verify if this is the case with you or if you need to replace the garage door opener completely. You can check the compatibility on the manufacturer’s manual before making a purchase. 

Smart Home Integrations 

Integrating your garage door with your smart home system is another way to enjoy convenience in your home. For instance, you can automate garage lights or smart locks to react when your garage door is opened or closed. A few smart garage door openers have these features, so you may want to check for this before buying. 


The benefits of smart garage door openers outweigh the disadvantages. You can purchase a smart garage door opener without breaking the bank and monitor activities around your home. 

Contact Glideaway Door System for all your door needs in New Zealand. Whether you’re planning to replace your current garage door or retrofit it with a smart system, we have high-quality door solutions to improve your premises.