SAFEDOOR NZ – Commercial & Residential Door Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

SAFEDOOR NZ Residential and Commercial Door Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance.


SAFEDOOR NZ is a division of Glideaway Door Systems. Glideaway Door Systems is in the garage and commercial door industry, since the 1980s. We have extensive knowledge and experience in almost every type of door system available in New Zealand. Furthermore, Glideaway are manufacturers and suppliers of New Zealand’s widest range of door systems. This includes some of the world’s leading door brands.

SAFEDOOR NZ arose due to the increasing need for all business to ensure that they are providing:

– A safe working environment through safe access points.

– Are compliant with NZ Standards and industry best practice.

Prevention – properly maintaining door systems helps avoid issues and results in significant cost savings.

The SAFEDOOR PM software system is an internationally recognised cloud-based app system. It provides industry and manufacturer standards with recommended maintenance and service intervals.

This documents all records regarding each door system including maintenance and service work performed, issues or recommendations, best practices and industry standards used to inspect and maintain doors.

Every door under this program has its own unique identification number with all documentation relating to it. Service technicians can assess this. The client can too, through the SAFEDOOR PM App.

SAFEDOOR NZ helps to ensure you are meeting your obligations. We help you provide a workplace that is clean, healthy, safe, accessible and well maintained for a risk-free environment for the health and safety of your workers.

Keywords of SAFEDOOR NZ:

–  SAFETY – Ensuring doors are safe in your work environment and meet OH&S   standards

–  COMPLIANCE – Ensuring doors comply with industry standards and best practices.

–  PREVENTION – Preventing doors from hindering any production, workflows and eliminate downtime due to unusable and unsafe doorways.

Doors we can service: – Roller Doors – Sectional Doors – Sliding Doors – Roller Slat Shutters – Hi-Speed Doors – Chiller Doors – Dock Levellers – Dock Seals – Fire Rated Sliding Doors – Fire Rated Shutter Doors – Smoke & Fire Curtains – Stacking Doors – Tilt doors- Aircraft Hangar doors and more.

Contact SAFEDOOR today for an onsite inspection to ensure your doors are safe, comply and whether they are prevented from causing potential Issues or failure.

Or if you are a residential client, feel free also to contact SAFEDOOR to book a service or repair for your garage door.

PH 0508 611 166


(SAFEDOOR currently services the Manawatu, Horowhenua, Whanganui, Tararua, Wairarapa, Rangitikei areas.)

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February 15, 2019