Easy summer projects to upgrade your garage

The garage is one of the most under-utilised spaces in the house. Maximise space and efficiency with these DIY garage storage projects.

Kids & Family Lockers

The garage is often your entrance to your home. Avoid kids bags and shoes being dumped on the floor, and keep everything tidy and accessible by building these easy lockers for everyone to store their gear. Instructions at https://dixiedelightsonline.com/2013/06/honey-does-garage-before-after.html

Shoe Peg Organisers

Keep shoes off the floor and easily organised with a pegboard. Instructions: https://sawdustgirl.com/shoe-organization-easy-diy-project/

Gardening Station

If you’re a gardener, these shelves can keep your tools organised, tidy and easily accessible. Source: https://maillardvillemanor.com/2013/06/our-garage-garden-station.html

Mount Bikes on the Wall

Mount bikes on the wall to save space in your garage. A bike storage rack is easy to make and can store several bikes. Instructions: http://www.iheartorganizing.com/2014/08/garage-update-family-bike-storage.html

Pegboard Tool Storage

Organise all of your tools with a pegboard. Instructions: https://www.remodelandolacasa.com/2016/03/grgepgbrd.html

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December 5, 2019