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About Us

Glideaway – ‘The Door Specialists’

Glideaway: involved in the door industry for 35+ years offering quality residential, commercial and industrial doors throughout New Zealand.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise gives us THE EDGE when it comes to specialist door systems.

Our goal to provide you with the best door system best suited for your application.

Here at Glideaway, we manufacture, import, supply and install doors systems for any application – big or small. Whether simple or complicated, we offer you a full package from door design to door installation

Glideaway are offering New Zealander’s quality door products. These are either manufactured here in New Zealand, or sourced from world-leading door manufacturers and designers.

We have built, and are still building great relationships with many world-class door manufacturers.


OUR VISION: To be New Zealand’s preferred supplier and manufacturer of specialist door systems for Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications.


OUR MISSION: Glideaway Doors consists of a team of positive individuals who work in continual pursuit of our visionary goal.

We are in the business of manufacturing and importing specialist door systems for the residential and commercial market, throughout New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific Islands.

We believe that excellent customer service is the only standard and we will continually strive for efficiency within our operation so that our service advantage is never compromised.


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