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What To Look For In Your New Garage Door


Your guide to finding the ideal Glideaway Garage Door to suit you, providing 10 important factors to consider before you buy.

This blog will focus primarily on Glideaway’s Classic Series sectional doors, but is full of helpful information about other types of doors to help you out – read on…!


1.    DOOR TYPE  

The first key aspect of choosing a new garage door is finding out which type of door best suits your needs. Garage doors typically come in three main types – tilt doors, sectional doors, and roller doors. While Glideaway offers all three of these solutions, as well as other door types such as hinged or stacking, the three main types will usually be able to meet the needs of both the customer and the application of the door.

The main characteristic that can determine the difference between which door is required is the space. Do you have enough space for a sectional door, or do you need a tilt door? Either way, each door type can meet a variety of needs, with their own pros and cons, and the final door type is purely your choice. For more information about door types, check out this blog post.

Overhead Bi-Folding Door NZ

Classy style – Glideaway bi-fold doors take garage door customization to a new level with a unique functional design


Since the garage door is usually the largest opening on a house, and generally speaking receives a lot of attention from street front viewers, the style and design of your door can make an enormous impact on the look of your property. While roller doors come in relatively universal standard style, the variations for sectional and tilt doors solutions is impressive. When choosing a door, make sure you choose a design or style that will both suit your house, and the statement you intend to make.

At Glideaway, our design and style of our sectional doors are set out in two formats – our Classic Series and our Designer Series. For a classic garage door that will meet the needs of most, the Classic Series has a solution for you. If you want to make a statement with your door – a true eye-catcher – then look no further than our Designer Series doors.


The material of your door is an extremely important factor to consider. Which material you choose can have a major effect on the lifetime of your door (see Door Lifetime section) as well as other factors such as weight, finishing, upkeep, and installation.

Here at Glideaway, we believe quality doors deserve quality material. For our Coloursteel doors, we use 0.55mm thickness, a thicker grade than other doors found on the market. Other materials Glideaway commonly use are Zincalume (0.55mm) and aluminium, which is available in a range of thicknesses and finishes, across all profiles. Aluminium is the best material for doors with high exposure to the elements and looks great with a powder-coat finish.

Wood – be aware of the long-term effect of weathering on wooden doors. While wood provides an impressive finish to your door, over time the wood panelling – of almost all types of wood – will cup, bow, twist, become unstuck, fade, get mouldy and a number of other unwanted disadvantages. Please keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing a wood door.

New Garage Doors

The all-time classic – Glideaway horizontal cedar clad sectional garage doors providing a classy finish


The door lifetime is a highly important factor that can easily be overlooked initially. Influenced primarily by the chosen material (wood vs steel), the environmental conditions of the door, and the amount of use the door receives, a door can last anywhere from 5 to 60 years. However, the usually expected lifetime of a well-maintained door is 10-15 years. A quality door, such as a Glideaway ‘Duke’ profile door, will ordinarily always meet these expectations, and save the hassle of frequent door replacement down the line.

5.    FINISH

While the finish on the door is 100% your choice, the finish can be influenced by aspects such as colour matching, your surrounding environment, and certain aesthetically desired fashionable designs.

For metal doors, clients will generally decide the colour of their door by matching the colour of their front door, roofing, or windows, or occasionally as a contrast colour to the main house colour. Here at Glideaway, we can usually match the desired colour with our Coloursteel range, or otherwise with our extensive powder-coat range.

If your steel or aluminium door will be located near the coast, Glideaway ALWAYS recommends a powder-coated finish to help greatly extend the life of the door. Houses within the salt spray zone will corrode faster due to the salt, wind, and sand, therefore powder-coated doors and hardware is the simplest option to prevent your door rusting quickly.

Garage Doors options

Not what it looks like – TimberTec wood-look powder-coat finish on your steel or aluminium door is a popular look


A warm and insulated house is a legal requirement in New Zealand, and as one of the largest opening in your house, an insulated garage door can prevent a large amount of heat escaping. Certain areas of New Zealand will require the insulation more than others, as shown on this link.

Glideaway has two main insulation solutions available for a standard sectional door, suitable for both insulation and aesthetic requirements. Insulpro Novahush insulation blankets easily fit into your door panels, providing an insulation R rating of 1.4, as well as strong acoustic blocking properties. Our other solution – Polystyrene fill insulation, with either a Core-flute or Zincalume backing sheet – has an R rating of 1.8, while still providing a classy finish to the back of your sectional door.


While an automatic opener that is less than 10 years old may still be working fine when you look to replace your door, Glideaway highly recommends replacing your automatic garage door opener at the same time as your door. Doing this ensures your door and opener will reliably operate without fault over the coming years, saving you from having to replace your opener at a later date. Furthermore, a new opener comes with a warranty of 5-7 years, safeguarding you well into the lifetime of your door.

Merlin Garage Door Opener

Automation – Glideaway offers Merlin’s wide range of high-quality automatic openers


Unless you have had experience in the past with installation, Glideaway highly recommends the installation of your new door and/or automatic opener is completed by a competent and experienced installer. While it may be tempting to choose the cheaper option of installing the door yourself, a professionally installed door will ensure the safety and longevity of the door are upheld.

A professional installer will be able to guarantee your springs are tensioned correctly, all moving parts are correctly installed, the door accurately fits the opening, and the fixings are adequate, among other benefits. Furthermore, a Glideaway door that is installed by the customer is liable to have its warranty voided, should a fault be found.


Since customising your new door to your specifications is our speciality, Glideaway offers a wide range of customisable features and accessories for sectional and tilt garage doors. Accessories include windows, available in either window inserts or a complete aluminium sash, frosted, clear, or opaque; external entry keypads; premium seals; and powder-coated hardware, among others. Increasingly popular are our smart automatic garage door openers, using the Merlin MyQ system, which allows you to operate and have control over your garage door right from your phone.

Although most Glideaway accessories can be retrofitted at a later date, when purchasing it is a great idea to consider which accessories or customisations you feel will best meet your needs for an easy and practical addition.

NZ Door Specialists

Secret passage – Turn your garage door into a part of your feature wall with a flush mount finish


The warranty included in your new door package is important to consider, as faults in production or natural mishaps do occur from time to time. Subject to being properly maintained, Glideaway offers a 5-year warranty on our Coloursteel sectional and tilt garage doors, extending to 10 years for an aluminium door. Furthermore, all our Merlin automatic openers come with a 5-year warranty, with a 7-year warranty on the MyQ openers. Be sure to check your door warranty, and get in touch if you have any questions.

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